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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Belated- Hiroshima

Ok- so Iv been too busy to say something about my now not-so-recent trip to Hiroshima.
A couple of weeks ago Oliver, Linz, Kristel & I went on a mini pilgrimage.I wanted to SEE what the war did...And BOY did I SEE!
The A-Bomb Dome stands proud yet destroyed. It is the only thing that survived.
The Peace Park is thought prevoking.
The Museums simply HORRIYING. I was totally unprepared for what I learned. Our guidebook said the message was hit home with the subtlety of a sledgehammer- and it was right.
I was particularly horrified by the fact that all that pain was caused in 3 seconds!


Then we went to Miyajima- one of the 3 most beautiful places in Japan. It was quite pretty until the tide went out. Then it was just muddy! But I got to touch the tori that otherwise floats-which is supposedly a rare accomplishment- so I guess it wasnt all bad!
And Kristel went for an impromptu swim & dropped her keitai into the sea...so it was quite interesting all round.
Then we stayed in Miyajima town- where there was NOTHING to do & only 1 restaurant. We called it "the one tori town" as it was in more ways than one!

The next day we WOULD have returned to Sendai if a typhoon didnt close Sendai airport!
After several hours of uncertainty, we ended up shacking up in a 5 star hotel, next to Hiroshima airport. 4 of us in one room and we payed a little more than youth hostel rates!

However the experience was an interesting lesson in different cultures views of customer service. The Japanese passengers simply smiled, accepted their flight changes & left.
We played poor travellers & got the nice lady at the airport to negotiate the deal with the 5star hotel for us.
A pair of Americans(sounded like it- but Im not 100%sure of the nationality?) argued, insulted,& DEMANDED the flight which they paid for. At one point I heard the man on the phone with the airline customer services HEADOFFICE saying:"well where do we sleep tonight? Can we come to YOUR house?"

I for one am all for Customer satisfaction. But REALLY there has to be a limit...!!
Or have I been in Japan too long???


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