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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sincerest Apologies

Ok...so Iv recently discovered that there actually ARE people out there who want to know whats happening in my life...and take the time out to read this thing!
Im seriously sorry for not updating this Blog regularly. My only excuse is that I was moody & mizerable and you should actually be GLAD that I wasnt filling this space with melodramatic emotional mumbo jumbo!!

But I think that phase has passed. The weather has warmed up nicely, and D is back to being positive, optimistic & full of KAK.

Today in my first year class we played a guessing game. 1 group gives hints & other groups guess what they are hinting at.
One hint was "It is very beautiful"
One eager beaver boy shouts "Danola-sensei"

This made me smile.(a) because he thinks Im an "IT" and (b)because of the obvious compliment.
Its amazing how this simple silly event sent home the fact that IM LEAVING this place. This school. These WONDERFUL people....

For sure...Im EXCITED as hell to get outa here. To Start a new exciting life.
But at the same time Im SAD. I feel a sense of loss & lonliness that is unlike anything Iv ever know.

A wise man told me last night:"To get something you have to lose something." And sadly enough I know he is right...

BUT while Im here...Im DETERMINED to enjoy being an "IT"



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