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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Im a Predecessor

Its rather wierd- but I just realised last night: Im a "Predecessor"

My first few weeks in Shiogama were filled with unexpected discoveries. My apartment was stuffed with things my Predecessor had left which I had no need for.Its really great that she was into baking & stuff-but I DEFINATELY didnt need so many baking trays,or TWO TVs niether one of which could be watched!!

And so a huge part of my arrival culture shock involved making my apartment MINE. Throwing out things that I knew I would never use (or just passing them onto Shaz!)& just generally making the apartment reflect MY personality. My love of light & open spaces as opposed to gloomy & cluttered ones!

And now-the table have turned. I have a Successor. A Young Lad (22!!) from Scotland. And I cant help but wonder what he will think of my apartment and the personality reflected in the things I will be leaving there.
Ok-I KNOW what hes going to think about the Pooh-san curtains hanging in my bedroom....
but will he appreciate the Blue CD Player or the Blue Coffee Perculator...
He doesnt know the memories associated with either one...how COULD he value these little appliances like I do?
Nor does he know about my super duper bilingual TV or Alice my Heated Toilet seat....

In fact the whole apartment is filled with reminders of laughter and tears, joys & fraustrations, Friends and many memories we made in two years....

And all he will see....is furniture!!


  • At 12:26 AM, Blogger Dana Watson said…

    You know he's going to see more than furniture; he's going to see that vague, evil person who stole the shelves out of the refrigerator! Everyone knows predecessors are malicious people who only leave the worst stuff behind and try to cheat their successors. Right? :-p


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