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Monday, June 14, 2004

Hop Along

Last week one of my students came to the Staff Room, stood infront of me & read off a little page.
"Danola-sensei" she said "hold out your left hand"
So I did.
She put on a simple silver ID Bracelet with my initials engraved onto it.
Then she proceeded to read a very badly translated message(the meaning of which I was only able to grasp because I had my dictionary on hand)
The gist of it was:
She has a matching bracelet and wants to swop with me before I leave, and she will never forget me and she hopes that I will never forget her.

Forget her? Hikari-chan? Never! Her not-so-straight teeth,but a lovely smile. One afternoon many months ago she walked with me & told me her tales of woe about her club activities. I tried to cheer her up- but tears was all I got.
So I the next day I asked her to have lunch with me-which we did in a quiet shady spot on the school roof. She gave me an onigiri(rice ball)
Her English is not GREAT but she tries pretty hard...she even interviewed my Brother when he was here as part of her homework assignment.
She hurt her leg twice and had it in a cast- so I called her "Hop-Along"...and when she finally understood what I meant she smiled shyly each time I teased her!

Kids like Hikari, experiences like these make me love where I am and what Im doing.

And I DEFINATELY wont forget my sweet shy "Hop Along"


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