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Thursday, June 03, 2004


I believe that cold weather without snow, is a waste of cold.
So Im actually GLAD that the Miyagi weather has finally made up its mind & warmed up! Now the days are bright and filled with warm, comfortable sunshine. It reminds me of most days back home!
However I know that this lovely time is a passing thing. Soon Japan's fifth season(the Rainy Season) will start and with it will come the sticky, muggy, unbearable humidity...
But...that is then...and this is NOW!

For the last two nights, I have been captivated by the clear sky and the huge, beautiful, FULL moon.
I recently moved my bed-so its now alongside my balcony doors.
I turned off all the lights and lay in the silvery moonlight. And watched the rabbits on the moon. (I never saw rabbits until I heard the Japanese custom on this)
And I remembered a special Chinese Poem:
A thousand miles apart, we gaze upon the same moon, and wish long life & happiness to those we love.

That would have been one very painful tattoo. I cant help but wonder how true it is right now?And I wonder how true it will be in the future???


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