D's Daze

Like seconds ticking away on my egg-timer.... these are the daze of my life

Friday, August 29, 2003

I am now counting down to Sunday evening. 7.25pm. My wonderful, incredible (seriously jet-lagged ) brother will arrive in Sendai!
His total travelling time will be about 24 hours. He had difficulty doing a 4hour flight to Mauritius a few years ago...I can just imagine how he will be feeling when he gets to me on Sunday!

So I wait- at the top of a foggy mountain. I hear approaching footsteps. Im not sure if I should go towards it or run as fast as I can in the opposite direction! I do know that whatever I choose- my life will never be the same.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Its amazing what you can find when you are least looking for it!!!
I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I wonder if my saying "sayonara" to 6 people recently has anything to do with my saying "konnichiwa" to one person who is swiftly changing my world.
Im seeing a new side of Japan now. Involving a blue candle, dinner in " water & light" dancing butterflies in a field high above the rest of the world and philosophy in the glow of a golden sunset.

How odd...Im must finally have lost my marbles!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ok so...inspired by Dana-tjie I am hereby determined to drag myself outa the email cronicals and get with the programme-the technological programme that is!!

In the last few weeks I have been forced to bid teary farewells to not 1...not 2..but 6 amazing people! Six people I met in the last year...who touched my small world and made it sparkle. Six people who reminded me of the value of the simple things in life...like someone to talk to. A friend to love.
Mika- my Japanese sister. Settling into life in Japan would have been impossible without her.
Naoko- the most elegant sophisticated LADY I know. (despite the night with the frying pan)
Graham- the creator of Parson Brown, and other wierd snow things. A confidant and inspiration in days when my brain was about as clear as Miso-soup
Alex- my "Californian" neighbour. I miss his TEA, rolling to the left...and MR Wumpuss!
Dana-tjie- who's simple clear logic has no bounds.
Simon- who introduced me to the concept of "OVER SHARE Hangovers" and wet underwear at great heights (perverts:STOP. Im talking about Mt FUJI!!)

Im honoured and privledged to have shared a part of myself with each of these amazing, unique individuals.
My life is better for having known them. Thoughts of them will always be accompanied by warm smile and a moment of pure love.

My swan song...with love.

ok..think i figured it out lets see...
trying to figure out how on earth this works